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An update from Koshka & Winston

Hello from one of the many supporters of Tails of Hope. I was fortunate enough to adopt Koshka in 2017 after she spent a few months at the Tails Sanctuary. She was found in the cold of winter and fought her way to a better life. Once making her way to my house, Koshka immediately became the head of household (at the time living with a mini aussie) and is absolutely the queen. She trained a new golden puppy into the hierarchy of the animal kingdom and kept us all on our toes.

As she adjusted to life in a full house, we learned her love for cuddles, heated blankets, and sitting in the window sills. Since Koshka was rescued during the winter, I think basking in the sun is her new happy place. A couple of years later I moved into a place and left our doggie

roomies behind, it was time to find another friend to fill our house.

At this time, Winston had spent a few years in the Sanctuary and had recently become sociable. Ready to find his forever home, I decided to adopt him in the summer of 2019. This sweet boy came in and stole my heart and won over his sister.

Winston loves crinkle balls and sporting his polydactyl "thumbs" around to all his guests. If you're lucky he will sing his song and even dunk his crinkle ball for you!

These two lost souls have made my heart whole. They spend summers on the "catio" and winters watching the birds and critters out the kitchen window.

As I sit here writing this post, Koshka has taken her position on my lap and Winston sits above in his tower. We will all be forever thankful that Tails of Hope was there in their darkest hour and to bring them back to health and family. Although these two made it home, there are many others who will never be suited for residential lives and Tails will always be there for them.

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