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This has been a hard week for us at Tails of Hope - on Tuesday we said goodbye to a dear friend, pioneer of the concept to offer sanctuary to feral cats and the sweetest innocence we have known yet. Her name was Pandora and our hearts are heavy from the loss of her in our lives and in our sanctuary. She was with us for 13 years and was the one - the one that kept us grounded always

reminding us of where they come from, the stuggle and the life they left were fortunate enough to leave behind but that instinct will never allow them to forget. Always keeping us at a distance, never crossing that threshold, she always reminded us of what we must never forget - where they came from and the fight to survive. We will miss that, we will miss her and we will forever remember the moments she allowed us into her world to see her soak up the sun, romp in her outdoor kennel at anything that blew in the wind and in her last couple of years letting go....just a finally bat the 'da bird' .. we know that was for us...she did that for us. We love you Pandora and we will miss seeing your anticipation filled excited eyes in the summer when we arrive with the weeds from the field for all the takers. You have forever taught us and have shown us the way.

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