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Louisa- At Peace

Today we say goodbye to one of those innocent lost souls, one that never had a name or anyone to care what their story was….until she found us. Today I touched her precious little body for the first time ever and as I lay my hands on her beautiful black fur I told her we tried as hard as we could to reach as deeply into her heart, to touch her heart so she would know that she did have a name – Louisa. And that there was someone who cared about her story – us. I pray that our rescue and offering of refuge, love and security these past years was enough that the pain she knew when she arrived was no longer a memory for her as she took her last breath. Her body was no doubt a vessel for an angel’s soul, and we are blessed to have known her. Our sanctuary has been blessed to have her silent beautiful presence wonder the halls leaving a feeling of peace wherever she had been. Goodbye Louisa, we love you.

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