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100% of all donations received are utilized for the care of feral, non-social and homeless cats. Please visit the 'Donors' page for a special message to our donors!

We rely on your donations to help us continue the care for the Tails of Hope sanctuary residents and many others who are still living outside the doors of the sanctuary. As a 501c3 non-profit organization all donations are qualified tax deductible.

Monetary donations can be made through this site by clicking the '' icon on the bottom of every page.  All donations are through a secure site.


We'd like to thank those who help make it possible for us to enhance and enrich the lives of the animals living at the Tails of Hope sanctuary. Though we can only touch the lives of so few in the scope of the millions suffering abandonment, homelessness, abuse and neglect, it is not without great appreciation and thanks to those who support our efforts through donations - helping us touch more lives. Thank you for believing in us and in the lives these animals that so deserve a chance to know life without pain, suffering, abuse and loneliness...

11/07/2014: THANK YOU ANONYMOUS! On Friday November 7th, 2014 the residents at the Tails of Hope sanctuary received a very generous anonymous donation - we deeply appreciate your support and your generosity! 2014 has been an especially challenging year as we found ourselves in the thralls of rescuing 10 cats that started their lives amongst dozens of others, neglected and mis-treated to only end up dumped and abandoned when the humans up and moved. It was heart breaking to see them lingering around the abandoned house just waiting for someone to remember they were care....but no one came. Too frightened from the stress of abandonment and the effects of struggling to survive no one could get near them. We spent months making trips 2-3 times daily to gain trust and desensitize the fear of live traps. FINALLY after 2 months came the process of rescue and trapping started. What a relief to now know they would be safe. We did not know how we were going to make room for them but we knew we had no choice. 10 were rescued and as of today 5 are in loving homes - adopted - leaving the life of human neglect behind for good. Your donation comes on the heals of a challenging time for us, emotionally, physically and financially. You have helped today in the lives of desperately needy have offered emotional support for our weary spirits that hurt for the suffering we see, and you have offered financial support for our extraordinary needs this year. As deeply as I can say it - thank you for your support, being a part of our team and for your donation! CK & Tony

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