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About Us

Tails of Hope was founded in 2005 inspired by the millions of feral cats and dogs that will never know shelter and love.

Our sanctuary offers life-long care for stray and feral cats that are not socialized to a level that would allow them to be adopted into a traditional domestic cat home environment. The fate of a rescued cat lacking social skills for adoption is most often homelessness or euthanization.

Our mission within the Tails of Hope sanctuary is to offer the option of life and hope to the faces of many that have escaped a death sentence.

What we Do

At the Tails of Hope sanctuary we offer all of the essential provisions – shelter, warmth, food/water, safety, medical care, but most importantly we offer acceptance. The cats at the Tails of Hope sanctuary will always be accepted as they are and welcomed with love to develop to a level of socialization that is within their comfort zone.

There are no expectations of sociability, each cat is allowed the chance to grow into trust of humans if they so desire but will never be expected to move from their comfort zone. We entice each cat to find that place where they understand and accept human compassion, but come to understand and to accept it on their terms and in their time through our patience and understanding. And though most cats at our sanctuary will never reach a level of socialization that allows them to be adopted there are those that do, and those that do find themselves adopted into loving homes are success stories worthy of claiming a miracle - at least in our book. 

The cats at the Tails of Hope sanctuary are never just placed and forgotten, each one has a name and personality that is cherished and enriched through daily interaction tailored to their trust level. We have discovered that with time, patience and through watching other more social sanctuary residents, great barriers and unwavering resistance can break down offering that glimmer of hope…leading to a once terrified cat that would only hide in a corner at the sound of the sanctuary door opening…to a deeply slumbering safe furry baby on a bed with the sunshine beaming through the window that doesn’t even know you contently stand beside them.

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